Ailerons are small wings that are used to control the direction that a plane or helicopter flies. They are also used to change the plane's altitude.

  • The ailerons were damaged in the accident, which prevented the plane from flying.

  • The ailerons help the plane to stay in the air, and they can also be used to change the plane's altitude.

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    The ailerons are hinged directly behind the aft spar.

  • 2

    The hot air could escape through the apertures at the aileron hinges.

  • 3

    This is typically controlled by ailerons on the wings of the airplane.

  • 4

    A modification of the aileron control linkage rectified the problem.

  • 5

    The bomb also severed the copilot's control cable for the right aileron.

  • 6

    The ailerons are of a differential design.

  • 7

    The engineer fixed the aileron.

  • 8

    The ailerons were of the differential type.

  • 9

    The angle of the aileron should be amended.

  • 10

    That reduces the needed deflection angle of the aileron.