Afters is a word that is used to describe the things that people usually eat after they have eaten a meal. Afters usually includes things like dessert, coffee, or tea.

  • They had a late dinner and went out for drinks afterwards.

  • She had a light breakfast and then went out for brunch afterwards.

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Example Sentences for afters

  • 1

    After an intravenous dose the analgesia sets in after 3 5 minutes.

  • 2

    Some after seventy people think that the after eighty people are depraved.

  • 3

    Fallout in Israel after the complacency after six day war was no less profound.

  • 4

    After fertilization the embryogenesis starts.

  • 5

    After sometime, the kingdom was bifurcated.

  • 6

    After the accident, Richard was comatose.

  • 7

    After the dispatch, the representative disappears.

  • 8

    After the dissolution of the Government and the State

  • 9

    After the executions, the repression stopped.

  • 10

    After the recitation, the text ends.