Afoul means to be in violation of a law or rule. If you are afoul of the speed limit, you are breaking the law.

  • The company was fined for having an afoul employee.

  • The police were called to the school after an afoul student was caught smoking cigarettes.

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Example Sentences for afoul

  • 1

    Perhaps fallen afoul of the law.

  • 2

    No danger of falling afoul of the 3RR.

  • 3

    And don't run afoul of the policies.

  • 4

    Then she ran afoul of the chimp.

  • 5

    Don't want anyone to fall afoul of it.

  • 6

    On the way, they run afoul of the cyborg Smoke.

  • 7

    It runs afoul of a point of view problem.

  • 8

    It runs afoul of the crystal ball policy.

  • 9

    Bimbo runs afoul of a stage hypnotist.

  • 10

    Would the determination of illegality run afoul of the legal advice issue