Affixes are words that are added to the end of other words to make them more specific. They are also used to create new words.

  • The affixes age and ity are used to create the word adulthood.

  • The affix ology is used to create the word theology.

Definition of affixes


add to the very end


add on, append, supplement


attach to


stick on


a linguistic element added to a word to produce an inflected or derived form


attach or become attached to a stem word

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Example Sentences for affixes

  • 1

    It is a terrestrial or affixed subaquatic species.

  • 2

    Handles are affixed to the ends of the cord.

  • 3

    The belt is affixed at the waist level.

  • 4

    The designer affixed the fabric at the bottom of the skirt.

  • 5

    The hand affix is placed above the glyph.

  • 6

    The material was made to affix items on the floor.

  • 7

    Affixation is the addition of a prefix, suffix or infix to a word.

  • 8

    An anvil plate is affixed to the bottom of the nose portion.

  • 9

    Most affixes indicate the grammatical function of the word.

  • 10

    One leg is affixed to the body of the automotive vehicle.