To actualize something is to make it real. Sometimes people use the word to describe the process of making a goal or dream a reality.

  • She is working to actualize her dream of becoming a doctor.

  • He is working to actualize his dream of becoming a famous musician.

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Example Sentences for actualization

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    Actually, the actual perihelion varies by hundreds of km.

  • 2

    Actuality is the condition of capacity.

  • 3

    Actually this was the best of the bunch.

  • 4

    It's actually used by the forecasters.

  • 5

    Is wanderlust actually a borrowing

  • 6

    He is not a snob actually.

  • 7

    The actual link is the equipment.

  • 8

    The actual numbers are miniscule.

  • 9

    The actual virus is the pathogen.

  • 10

    The inverse is actually the case.