Acorns are the seeds that are inside of oak trees. The acorns grow into oak trees, and the oak trees provide the wood that is used to build houses and other structures.

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      The larvae feed internally in the acorns or nuts of the host plant.

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      The acorn becomes the mighty.

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      The acorns are sweet and palatable.

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      Squerrels reserve acorns at their sites.

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      The inside of the acorn shell is hairless.

    • 6

      The inside of the acorn shell appears woolly.

    • 7

      Among the staple foodstuffs of the Native Americans was the acorn.

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      The acorn matures at the end of its second season.

    • 9

      The current logo's the V with the embedded acorn leaf.

    • 10

      Then the zapped acorn ends up in the credits of the film.