Accentuated means pronounced, emphasized. When you accentuate a word, you make the sound of that word more noticeable.

  • The accentuated words were pronounced very clearly.

  • The accentuated words were written in a different typeface.

Definition of accentuated


To pronounce with an accent or vocal stress.


To bring out distinctly; to make more noticeable or prominent; to emphasize.


To mark with a written accent.

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Example Sentences for accentuated

  • 1

    Sweetheart necklines accentuate the bosom.

  • 2

    Many of these are intended to accentuate the emotions of the characters.

  • 3

    The Park's nightingales accentuate the romantic plots.

  • 4

    The caprice contains syncopated accentuated fortissimo.

  • 5

    The effect is accentuated by the early morning mist.

  • 6

    These necklines accentuate the shoulders and neck of the wearer.

  • 7

    They not provide elegance but accentuate the beauty of the room.

  • 8

    This situation accentuated the differences in the interior of the community.

  • 9

    In Mariology, the question of scriptural basis is more accentuated.

  • 10

    Rather, they accentuate the natural form of the chin and cheeks.