Accelerations are a type of acceleration that is used to increase the speed of something. An acceleration can be a gradual increase in speed, or it can be a sudden increase in speed.

  • The car has acelerations so that it can maintain a high speed.

  • The train has accelerations so that it can reach its destination quickly.

Definition of accelerations


the act of accelerating; increasing the speed


quickening, speedup


an increase in rate of change


(physics) a rate of increase of velocity

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Example Sentences for accelerations

  • 1

    The friction caused the train not to accelerate to the correct speed.

  • 2

    Calving glaciers accelerate at the terminus.

  • 3

    The acceleration would kill the occupants.

  • 4

    The car accelerates or decelerates accordingly.

  • 5

    The car was capable of with respectable acceleration.

  • 6

    The centrifugal acceleration experienced at the equator is.

  • 7

    The force is the cause and the acceleration is the effect.

  • 8

    The hemlock accelerated the steroid poisoning.

  • 9

    The strong field accelerates the avalanche.

  • 10

    The value represents the acceleration factor.