Absurdly is an adverb that means completely out of the ordinary. When you say something is absurdly expensive, you mean that it's much more expensive than usual.

  • The car is absurdly expensive.

  • The proposal is absurdly large.

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Example Sentences for absurdly

  • 1

    It is going from the ridiculous to the absurd.

  • 2

    Is this not the most absurd sophistry

  • 3

    Enough with the Theatre of the Absurd.

  • 4

    The absurdity of this decision is astonishing.

  • 5

    The length of the block was absurd.

  • 6

    The redirect is absurd, and insupportable.

  • 7

    Welcome to the theater of the absurd.

  • 8

    Modernism is equivilant to absurdity and banality.

  • 9

    That is complete bollocks and outrageously absurd.

  • 10

    The absurdity of the general public is appalling.