Abstracted means pulled away or removed from reality. When you're abstracted, you're not paying attention to the details of the situation.

  • The artist's abstracted paintings are very beautiful.

  • The professor's abstracted lectures are very interesting.

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Example Sentences for abstracted

  • 1

    The idea was abstract.

  • 2

    The quote is not in the abstract.

  • 3

    It is in the abstract section of the document.

  • 4

    It is exactly the words of the abstract.

  • 5

    A perceivable world is an abstraction.

  • 6

    The Internet is an intangible abstraction.

  • 7

    The abstract is part of the paper.

  • 8

    The abstract states the following.

  • 9

    The abstract verified the claim.

  • 10

    The implementation is leaky, not the abstraction.