To absolve someone is to pardon them. If you absolve a person of a crime, you say that they are not responsible for what they have done.

  • The governor absolved all of the prisoners of the law.

  • The priest absolved the sinners of their sins.

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Example Sentences for absolve

  • 1

    The judge absolved the man.

  • 2

    He absolved the young criminal.

  • 3

    They claimed that he should be absolved.

  • 4

    This would absolve many of the clickability problems.

  • 5

    Many reports absolve Ali of complicity in the murder.

  • 6

    Nothing can absolve the defaulter from the crime.

  • 7

    However, that does not absolve the defaulter from the crime.

  • 8

    You cannot magically absolve an editor of the responsibility of this.

  • 9

    I absolve you in the name of the Josip, and the Broz, and the Holy Tito.

  • 10

    Zheng senses the problem, and devotes an entire chapter to absolve the Zhuang.